I blew a nice load right after work!

Mmmmm…all that yummy goodness!!!!!

Anonymous said: Definitely would not like to see you in jail, so you may want to watch out which naked pics you post. Since Hawaii H.B. 1750 became in effect in June 2014, any persons distributing nudes can be sent to jail for up to 5 years. And although you are getting "Submissions", most of these are catfish that simply disseminate pics from grindr. For example, your post "92040412520". I have already informed this individual and he is promptly filing a police report. Good luck.


hey bro, thanks for the heads up ✋well i guess im just hella lucky that i live here in the Land Down Under arent i ? ✌️


I guess this idiot does not know about copyrights laws. He thinks he is exempt from it. LMAO!

Well, I will report you dummy!