If you don’t have an effin’ avatar/pic of yourself, don’t hit me up on KIK and ask if I have one. Sorry, don’t want to sound like an asshole. But when you hit someone up, say hi…and tell ‘em something about yourself and about your blog. Don’t just hit me up and you have a pic? Of course I have an effin’ pic, and I’m not gonna just give it to you because you asked for it. I don’t know who the fuck you are!!!

You are so sexy when you’re upset. Marry me daddy!!😍


Went to my see my doctor today for my annual physical, when he touched my
balls…I immediately sprung a hardon. He then grabbed my shaft which made my dick a little wet with pre-cum. It doesn’t help matters when your doctor is a fuckin’ hottie!!!

So when I got home, I spent the next 45 minutes stroking my cock off until I came!!!:))

One of my all-time favorite set of pics here on tumblr from bignesian. Absolutely beautiful cock and balls!

(via hornycyberdude)